My Journey Into Product Reviews

Well I’ve begun my journey into becoming a product reviewer fulltime! I am now a member of Influenster, Smiley360, BzzAgent, and I am still waiting to be picked for my first campaigns and to receive my first product samples, but I’m hopeful it will happen soon! So for now, I’m busy posting reviews of items I use, answering surveys, posting pictures on Instagram and trying to build up my social networks 🙂 I’m getting to meet lots of cool people along the way, so it’s a fun way to spend the day if nothing else. Have some free time on your hands? Consider getting involved in online product reviews of free samples yourself. Just ask me how!

7 thoughts on “My Journey Into Product Reviews

      1. Hi. Can you tell me more about those? I am on smiley360 but my last two missions have been problems with completely. One I never received the product and my sleep number bed store mission the sales associate wouldn’t help cuz he didn’t know what I was talking about.


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