Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Review#

I started using Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer a few weeks ago and it is really incredible! I was skeptical when I first got it, the thought of putting a moisturizer on while your skin was still wet was definitely different! It has a great scent to it, and it quickly absorbs into your skin. After using the first time in the shower, I have to say that it left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated and I really liked it a lot. It also didn’t take a tremendous amount of lotion to cover my entire body, so that was another plus. After thinking about it, I realized that it really did make sense – putting the lotion on while your skin is still damp helps lock in the moisture and take advantage of the already hydrated state your skin is already in. I definitely won’t be switching back to traditional body lotion anytime soon! I did receive this product for free for testing and in exchange for my honest review and opinion. #Jergens #Wetskinmoisturizer #Crowdtap #gotitfree

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