US Art Supply Jewelescent 100 Gel Pen Set Review 

I’ve been using the USArt Supply Jewelescent 100 GelPen set for a little over a week now and love them! They are vibrant and color and write smoothly and beautifully. There are many colors and shades to choose from which makes it fun for coloring and other projects. They are comfortable in your hand as well. The box they come in is a nice storage unit as you use them. My only complaint is that they seem to go through ink rather quickly. I am a little concerned that they may run out with frequent coloring projects. They are available for purchase on Amazon.US Art Supply Jewelescent 100 Gel Pen Set I did receive this product free in exchange for my honest review and opinion. #usartsupply #gotitfree #gelpens0ec93f1a-ba92-46b2-bd91-99537bd91722

OmniGreen Labs Dietary Fiber Review

I’ve been using this fiber supplement for a few weeks now and I have to say that it is definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried. It dissolves completely in any beverage that you put it in and it doesn’t change the taste or leave any residue or thicken it, which is a really nice change from some I’ve tried in the past. I like being able to supplement my fiber intake as I know I don’t always get enough in my diet! I usually put a scoop into my coffee every morning and don’t even notice that it’s there! My husband tried this also for a few days, but unfortunately he has a very sensitive stomach and it was a little too much for his system and he had diarrhea, so discontinued use. If you are looking for a way to get more fiber into your diet, I would definitely recommend trying this product. I did receive the product for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion. #omnigreenlabs #gotitfree

Omni Greens Fiber

New York Biology Essential Oils -Peppermint, Tea Tree & Lavender

I am just getting started with essential oils and New York Biology’s Peppermint, Tea Tree and Lavender Oils were three of the  very first oils I tried. I’ll start with the Peppermint Oil, it is a delightful smelling oil that definitely helps with any nasal congestion and also just makes the room smell great. It helps you focus your mind as well and is a great way to help you feel more awake and alert. It came well packaged in bubble wrap to ensure it didn’t break and comes with a dropper top to help with application. It is an 100% natural essential oil which is great. This particular oil comes from India. I enjoy using this in my diffuser and will continue to try it in additional methods as I expand my knowledge of essential oils in the near future.

The next oil is the Tea Tree Oil. This is also a very pleasant smelling oil.. It has a very clean scent and makes the room feel very fresh. It is a great disinfectant and has many healing qualities to it. It is a natural antibiotic and effective at killing bacteria, so it is great for when you are fighting a “bug”. It is made from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. This particular oil does indeed come from Australia. I have been also using this in my diffuser.

Lastly, but definitely not least is the Lavender Oil. This is my favorite so far. It is a beautiful smelling oil that is very relaxing and calming, which is exactly what it is best know for. It has many great properties and can be used at anytime, but I love to use it at night to help me get to sleep and have a good sleep throughout the night. This particular oil is CULTIVATED IN THE KASHMIR REGION, the foothold of the Himalayan Mountains, being known as the FINEST & PUREST Lavender Oil in the world. It also helps with headaches. I am looking forward to learning about additional ways to use the oil other than just diffusing it.

Like all New York Biology products they are all cruelty free and not tested on animals which is very important to me!  I have ordered several products from New York Biology in the past and have always been very pleased, these are no exception. I did receive the products for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion, but was not influenced by this in anyway. #NewYorkBiology #essentialoil #gotitfree