Exotic Darjeeling First Flush Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea Review

I’ve been drinking this for a little over a week now and am really enjoying it. It has a great flavor to it and is very mild and relaxing. For me it is not the strongest of black teas but I may just like my tea very strong! It has a very pleasant taste though and is not bitter at all. It also smells lovely when you open the bag! It is a loose tea and needs to be steeped in a tea ball or diffuser for a few minutes before drinking. I usually add a little honey to sweeten it slightly, but it is mild enough that you could drink it without any sweetener at all if you chose to. The package I received did have a misprint of the expiration date but I received an email informing me of this prior to receipt so I didn’t have to worry when I got it and knew that it would be good for quite some time. I love the fact that it is Organic and from India. It is available for purchase from Amazon Darjeeling First Flush Organic Black Tea I did receive this product free in exchange for my honest review and opinion but this did not influence my review in any way. #teaveli #darjeeling #gotitfreedarjeeling-tea

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